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To keep pace with the latest technology for the benefit of all intending applicants, SMJV has started Online Application.
For students who want to apply for admission at any of SMJV branches, 3 alternatives can be explored as under.

  1.  Collect Admission form alongwith SMJV Prospectus from any SMJV branches. Fill up application form and submit it to any branch alongwith necessary documents as per stipulated.
  2. Download Admission form and SMJV Prospectus from this website. Fill up complete form and submit it to any branch alongwith necessary documents as per demand.
  3. Apply Online.


Process to apply online is as below.

It is advisable to read and understand SMJV Prospectus completely before online application.

  •  Register yourself in SMJV through “Sign Up for New Applicant” option in right side of Main Menu. Software will generate User Code and Password. It will be sent to you by mail.
  •  Using User code and Password, login in “Online Application Form” Menu Box. You will get complete Application form online. Fill up all pages of form. It is advisable to save the application as you proceed further while feeling up details.
  •  After completion of form, you will get a Report. Verify it for complete details. Then Submit it. You will get message for “Successful Submission”.
  •  Take print of your Report. Alongwith report, you send copies of documents by Courier to Head Office.
    Alternately, you can scan all documents and attach it from SMJV online Document submission menu.
  •  For, any query, call Mr. Harshad Shah (0265-2432468) or Mr. Dipakbhai (022-26280375,26718641,26241457).

Although it will be Vidyalaya’s enderavor to retain students till graduation, the student will need to apply in a prescribed form every year and the continuation is solely at the discretion of the management. At the bare minimum, the following will be looked into :

  • Results of college examinations, wherein failed categories will not be given admission
  • Results at the Religious examinations : Two failure will be liable for cancellations of admission.
  • General behavior and discipline : Any undesirable elements will be reviewed and dealt with, which may result into termination of admission at Hostel.


  1. Affidavit with regard to Swetamber Murtipujak Jain. Please not that admission is given only to those, who by birth are Swetamber Murtipujak Jain.
  2. Vidyalaya looks forward to any one reference which can be given by any other Swetamber Murtipujak Jain in the format given.
  3. Certificate of income from C.A., if Business or from Employer if in service. This is required only if the student desires admission in loan or half paying categories.
  4. Copy of Marks Sheet / Last examination results (if notdeclared, submit within 3 days of declaration), Birth date certificate / School Leaving Certificate.
  5. Recommendation of trust if admission is sought as “trust” student.
  6. A photograph
  7. A self addressed stamped envelope.
  8. Clear indication of choise of the branch. In case of multiple choices, state clearly on the face of the form.
  9. A student is expected to have some basic knowledge of Jainism. A booklet in this regard is attached. Applicant is advised to ensure that prior to the admission, such basic knowledge is acquired. Parents are recommended to help the applicant with this.

Submit the application form duly signed to the branch where you seek admission along with all enclosure and obtain duly acknowledged receipt.
Ensure that a specific number with branch code (for example AN56, this means for Andheri branch, and serial no. 56) is given to you.
Please quote this number in full future correspondence.

Students who have been granted admission will be expected to visit the branch and complete all formalities like :

  • Undertaking medical tests from the doctors approved in this regard by the branch.
  • Providing proof of admission of college by giving the fees receipt, identify card etc.
  • Paying the necessary fees, deposits to the Vidyalaya etc.
  • Any other specific condition which may be prescribed.

The normal term at the Vidyalaya is as under :
1st Term : From 1st July to 3th0 Oct.
2nd Term :From 22nd Nov. to 30th April
(Management reserves rights to change the dates)
Admission to second term will be given subject to proper discipline records based on the recommendation of Hostel Superintendent and the discertion of management.


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