The Vidyalaya grants admissions only to SWETAMBER MURTIPOOJAK JAIN (By Birth) STUDENTS, and in this regard “AN AFFIDAVIT IN THE FORMAT ATTACHED is required from the applicant’s father. In case if father is not alive, affidavit can be made by suitable amendments by mother or guardian.

Eligible student must be undertaking any recognized course as explained hereunder. Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical, I.T., Architecture, Computer MBA etc.

At the time of graduation, the student’s age shall not be more than 23 years, except for Engineering, Medical and MBA Courses.

Vidyalaya will publish and display on their notice board at Head Office and at branches a list of admissions granted based on merit. Broadly, these admissions are divided into trust students, and all other categories. This is a list extracted by order of merits for each branch While the admission is granted on declared results, weightage is given to bring applications at par for different standards. Rights of admission are exclusively with the Vidyalaya, and no grievances will be entertained from applicants.

Visit www.smjv.org website for more information on admission.