The Great Debaters Club, popularly known as GDC, in Shri Mahavir Jaina Vidyalaya is an endeavor of a few enthusiastic and passionate students residing in Vidyalaya. The club conduct various activities for personality development of students of Vidyalaya, currently more than 100 members have registered their names in the club and are regular participants in the club’s day to day activities.

Year 2014-15 the current year, came as a historic year for GDC, as the team GDC was crystalized for regularly conducting the activities enshrined in GDC’s Working Manifesto, the team consist of six members which includes, Shanu Jain (Founder & Executive Member), Malvi Dedhia (Senior Executive Member), Vidhee Jain (Executive Member), Vitrag Shah (Executive Member), Shubham Oswal (Executive Member) and Krushan Doshi (Executive Member).

At present GDC have a tag line “because every thought matters”, and for making this ambition a reality we conduct four major activities under GDC’s banner. These activities are enumerated below as follows:

  1. Vichaar (Thoughts): – We believe “that the only thing standing between people and their goal is the rubbish stories they keep on telling to themselves as to why they can’t achieve it”. And that’s why to negate this demotivating factor and creating a new hope among our members we conduct sessions of “Vichaar”, in that we conduct quizzing sessions, debating sessions, vocabulary enhancing sessions, confidence development activities, speech improving sessions, grammar learning sessions, motivational movie screenings and various other knowledge development activities to make our members ponder about the current world scenarios, to make them believe in themselves that they can motivate others and be motivated, to make them stand, face present world challenges and situations and last but not the least to make them aloft the torch of perennial confidence, motivation and success.
  2. Shaksiat (Great Personality):- We “believe that a strongly marked personality can influence the descendants for future generations”, and also we have a lot of influential visitors keep on visiting our Vidyalaya, hence we decided to use this opportunity and accomplish our goal by inviting such influential people to deliver lectures in a few sessions at GDC so that our members can interact with such personality and question them directly about their accomplishments and achievements. Till date we have called many such personalities that includes Mr. Kuldeep Nayar (eminent senior journalist, ex-member Rajya Sabha), Mr R.K. Mehra (Executive Director Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.) etc.
  3. Jigyasa (Curiosity) – We believe “that curiosity is the lust of the mind”, and formal education is not at all enough for brewing the neurotic cells of a curious mind so as it can give birth to a successful entrepreneur by learning how life is and how it ought to be. Hence we included “Jigyasa” as one the regular activities in GDC, in that we organizes various industrial visits and other such visits whereby we can see, chat, learn and understand the efforts and creativity required in standing among the world leaders and various entrepreneurs. Till date we organized the visits to Govardhan Milk Processing Unit and Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.
  4. Coffee with UV – There is no one in Vidyalaya who is clueless about Mr. Yuwaraj Shah’s personality, behavior and creativity, but only a few get chance to sit with him and share his/her thoughts with him on vivid subjects.

With our year’s long relationship with UV sir, we know that he is the one who can speak on any topic with brevity, facts and figures. Apart from that his years of experience in journalism and his relationship with so many achievers makes him a speaker must listen to and that’s why we have kept this activity also in our pool of activities so as to give our members exposures to UV sir’s personality and have a discussions with him on regular basis.


Our Team

  • Shanu Jain
    Shanu Jain
    (Founder and Executive Member)

  • Malvi Dedhia
    Malvi Dedhia
    (Senior Executive Member)
  • Vidhee Jain
    Vidhee Jain
    (Executuve Member)
  • Shubham Oswal
    Shubham Oswal
    (Executive Member)

  • Krushan Doshi
    Krushan Doshi
    (Executive Member)

  • Vitrag Shah
    Vitrag Shah
    (Executive Member)