Knowledge Planet Library Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya

Knowledge Planet library

The one of its own kind in Shri Mahavir Jaina Vidyalaya, is a library-cum – reading room. The library was constructed in the year 2013 with efforts of that year’s library committee consisting of Shanu Jain, Adesh Bansali, Pratik Sethi, Sahil Katariy and Siddhant Mehta.
At present the library has more than 2000 books which includes encyclopedias, syllabus books, books on various genera like fictional, non-fictional, autobiographies etc.
The library has its own unique filling system and registration system for books and students respectively. The library gives memberships and issues books to the vidyalya’s students at very minimal security charges.
It is worth mentioning here that Vidyalya’s alumni has played a very great role in increase the collection of books in the library in a very less period of time. Whereby, one can witness Mr. Yawaraj Shah’s creativity in every nook and corner of the library.
Library has also devoted a separate section for books on Jainism and other mythological books and has a wide collection of the books written by various celebrated authors.
For this library it could be proudly said that it is in an initiation for facilitation of young Jewels of Shree Mahavir Jaina Vidyalaya.